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Sears-Peyton Gallery

210 11th Ave, Suite 802, New York
Tuesday - Friday: 10 am -6 pm, Saturday: 11 am - 6 pm




Light in the Dark
Nov 16-Dec 16
In a year in which many Americans endured a daily battering of cynical political gestures with toxic repercussions, Sears-Peyton's exhibition Light in the Dark collects a group of artworks that offer a darkly humorous and guardedly optimistic tonic for our difficult times. Artists: Eve Ackroyd, Agnes Barley, Natalie Baxter, Tomoko Daido, John Derian, Celia Gerard, Susan Graham, Hugo Guinness, Emily Hass, Tina Hejtmanek, Sara Jones, Chenta Laury, Eric Lebofsky, Jenny Monick, Kristen Palazzo, Jack Pierson, Elliott Puckette, Karen J. Revis, Suzy Spence, Alison Van Pelt. Curator: Karin Schaefer