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Phoenix Gallery

548 W 28th St, New York
Tues - Sat 11:30 am - 6:00 pm




Gretl Bauer: Rock, Paper, Scissors...Wood, Metal, Thread
May 24-Jun 24
Artworks by Gretl Bauer: Rock, Paper, Scissors...Wood, Metal, Thread

Beth Cartland: Collage in Past and Present
May 24-Jun 24
Beth Cartland's use of spontaneous lines, colors and textures reveal a strong personal vision.

Women's Caucus for Art/DC Chapter: Elements of Surprise
May 25-Jun 17
The Womens Caucus for Art of Greater Washington is pleased to present a new exhibition featuring two-and three-dimensional artworks by 19 Washington-area artists at the Phoenix Gallery in New York, NY. This black and white show uses form, composition and sparks of color to surprise and encourage contemplation. Artists Thalia Baez, Nanette Bevan, Madison Bolls, Melissa Carr Dovey, Shosh Cohen, Michele Colburn, Sandra Davis, Marie-B De Amicis, Kim Foley, Jane Forth, Deborah LaCroix, Linda Lowery, Jane Pettit, Cherie Redlinger, Katherine Rodgers, Bushra Shamma, Gillian Spooner, Xinman Wang, Angela White.