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Citings / Sightings
Jun 22-Sep 16
https://www.citingssightings.com/about/ Melissa Meyer selected Lee Krasner and Laurie Reid Jill Moser selected Lynda Benglis and Amy Sillman Robin Hill chose Eva Hesse and Mary Hambleton Cindy Workman chose Marilyn Minter Harriet Korman selected Dona Nelson and Ruth Hardinger Laura Larson chose Martha Rosler and Sheilah Wilson Mary Lucier chose Joan Jonas and Cecelia Condit Denyse Thomasoss affiliation is with Frances Barth Catherine Murphy selected Sylvia Plimack Mangold and Judy Linn Mia Westerlund Roosen chose Louise Bourgeois and Jeanne Silverthorne and Louise Fishman chose her mother Gertrude Fisher-Fishman and her aunt Razel Kapustin, along with Harriet Korman. The artists also wrote brief statements about the artists they identified as influence and affinity, which appear on a comprehensive stand-alone website documenting the exhibition: www.citingssightings.com