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Half King

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Ernesto Bazan: Cuba 1992-2016
Jun 27-Jun 27
Photographs and Jon Lee Anderson in conversation with Ernesto Bazan

Naomi Harris: The First 100 Days
Jul 11-Jul 11
On January 20th, the day of Donald J. Trump's inauguration, I set out on a nationwide road trip to coincide with his first 100 Days. The idea was to figure out, when the polls and the media all said Hillary Clinton was going to win, how did we end up with Trump as president instead. I drove around the country, talking and photographing a variety of people affiliated with both the Democratic and the Republican parties as well as those who didnt vote, or couldnt vote. Clocking approximately 19,000 miles, my drive included Washington DC to Palm Beach, FL, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, a portion of the Mexican border, northern California, the Bible and Rust Belts, ending with day 100, April 29th, in Niagara Falls, NY.