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George Billis Gallery

525 W 26th St, New York
Tuesday - Saturday: 10 am- 6 pm




Wes Hempel
Oct 02-Nov 03
Wes Hempel portrays his vision of masculinity through the juxtaposition of contemporary art and historical play. Opening Reception: Thu, Oct 4, 6-8pm.

Leslie Lewis Sigler
Oct 02-Nov 03
Leslie Lewis Sigler: In my work I explore family objects as ''families'' of objects--individual silver heirlooms that are related to one another in a single collection and, collectively, to the individual families that put them into domestic practice and social circulation. Opening Reception: Thu, Oct 4, 6-8pm.

Miles Jaffe
Oct 02-Nov 03
My work contemplates the relationship between artist, medium and product - and thus the very nature of art itself. It is a parody of parodies, which of course makes it a tribute as well, with no small irony. Opening Reception: Thu, Oct 4, 6-8pm.