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First Street Gallery

526 W 26th St, Suite 209, New York
Tuesday - Saturday: 11 am - 6 pm




Drawing the Curtain
May 22-Jun 09
Opening Reception: Thursday, May 24, 6-8pm Zeuxis is a grass roots project founded in New York City in 1994. Its mission is to take the measure of contemporary still life painting. To that end, it has organized scores of traveling shows which have been exhibited in New York and around the country. Zeuxis exhibitions are formed around a common theme. While the thematic element places limitations, the broad mix of conceptual approaches leads to surprising results from even the most practiced painters. Though they share an interest in perception, Zeuxis artists work from many different perspectives--entering into visual conversations with one another, and the viewer. Each exhibition is unified by the theme but is as richly varied as the artists themselves. In Drawing the Curtain, each painter incorporates an identical piece of translucent cloth into his or her painting, exploring a contemporary treatment of an age-old motif. Curtains offer an invitation to a secreted space--literal or metaphorical, the nature of which they may cover, obscure, or reveal. Alix Bailey Rita Baragona Victoria Barnes Temma Bell Neil Callander Bevin Engman Phyllis Floyd John Goodrich Elizabeth Higgins Philip R. Jackson Tim Kennedy Deborah Kirklin Matt Klos Richard La Presti John Lee Ying Li Anthony Martino Margaret McCann Ruth Miller Patrick Neal Erin Raedeke Carol Stewart Sandra Stone Gwen Strahle Megan Williamson Gallery Hours are 11am to 6pm | Tuesday through Saturday

2018 National Juried Exhibition
Jun 21-Jul 14
FIRST STREET GALLERY is pleased to present the 2018 National Juried Exhibition. Curated by American lyrical abstract painter Ronnie Landfield, the works range across genres, styles, media and treatments, from figuration to geometric and other non-objective imagery. Painting, collage, sculpture, photography, print and assemblage are represented in an exhibition of complementary yet distinctly individual artistic sensibilities. The artists showcased are: Donald Beal (MA), Marta Beltramo (CT), Stephanie Blumenthal (MA), Betty Branch (VA), Donna Corvi (NY), William Dooley (AL), Anne Doris-Eisner (CT), Stephanie Doty (IN), Michael Elsasser (NY), Kathryn Fanelli (MA), Eva Marie Fitzsimmons (NJ), Elliott Gilbert (NJ), Lindsy Halleckson (MN), Dennis Hartley (WA), Gosha Karpowicz (NY), Loretta Ana Kaufman (TN), Kristin Kesting (MA), Kerrie King (NY), Sam Koren (NJ), Louise Laffaille (NY), Johnny Lai (NJ), Tracy Lambros (MD), Rebecca LeFevre (NY), Richard Light (MI), Madolyn Locke (GA), Paola Martinez Fiterre (NY), Kate McCammon (PA), Kathleen Miles (NY), Martin Mugar (NH), Armin Muhsam (MO), James Mullen (ME), Paul Murray (RI), Anna Muslimova (NJ), Petrea Noyes (ME), Steve Payne (AZ), Zakriya Rabani (FL), Kristina Robinson (NY), Ewa Romaszewicz (MA), Donald Rush (VA), Jeffrey Salzer (NJ), Priscila Schott (NY), Carl Scorza (NY), D.A. Terzian (NY), Jesse Thomas (OR), Heinz Wipfler (NY), Don Wunderlee (CT), Michael Yurick (NY), Zach Zecha (PA). Gallery Hours are 11am to 6pm | Tuesday through Saturday