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Ceres Gallery

547 West 27th Street, New York
212 947-6100
Tuesday - Saturday 12-6




Carol Goebel: Upgrowth
Apr 25-May 20
Artworks by Carol Goebel

Carlyle Chaudruc: New Work
Apr 25-May 20
Artworks by Carlyle Chaudruc

Chalda Maloff: Beings: New Digital Paintings
May 23-Jun 17
Beings explores the transient nature of existence via intimate portraits of imagined lifeforms. Fragile and vulnerable, they must have an unfathomable sense of optimism and resilience to exist.

Micaela de Vivero: Limbs
May 23-Jun 17
The artist addresses the history of women's labor with a subversive approach. de Vivero uses crochet and copper wire to disrupt the usual associations we make with the act of women crocheting.