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Carter Burden Gallery

548 W 28th St, #534, New York
Tuesday - Friday: 11 am - 5 pm, Saturday: 11 am - 6 pm




Vicki Khuzami, Daena Title: Women of Absurdia
Sep 07-Sep 28
Vicki Khuzami presents paintings of scenes within imaginary suburban homes by the use of vintage dollhouses in her most recent series, Telenovelas Suburbia. Daena Title presents vibrant paintings from her current series Is This A Dagger?, which focuses on pageant contestants and the competitions that offer empowerment, but simultaneously, exploitation.

Stephen Spiller
Sep 07-Sep 28
Stephen Spiller presents photographs in the exhibition Street Scenes. The pieces involve social, political, and cultural themes that offer a window into understanding how contemporary life is shaped and lived.

Robert Ludwig: On the Wall
Sep 07-Sep 28
In On the Wall Robert Ludwig presents Indian Summer a large-scale drawing utilizing charcoal and paint to create a colorful and gestural installation.

Werner Bargsten, Charles Ramsburg
Oct 05-Oct 25
Exhibition by Werner Bargsten and Charles Ramsburg

Danny Turitz
Oct 05-Oct 25
Exhibition by Danny Turitz

Edward Fausty: On the Wall
Oct 05-Oct 25
Exhibition by Edward Fausty

Manuel Hughes, Edgar Franceschi
Nov 02-Nov 22
Exhibition by Manuel Hughes and Edgar Franceschi

Mona Brody, Alyce Gottesman
Nov 02-Nov 22
Exhibition by Mona Brody and Alyce Gottesman

Sumayyah Samaha
Nov 02-Nov 22
Exhibition by Sumayyah Samaha

Cassandra Jennings Hall
Nov 30-Dec 21
Exhibition by Cassandra Jennings Hall