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Black & White Gallery

56 Bogart St, Brooklyn
Friday - Sunday: 1 - 6pm




Multiverse: summer group show
Jun 02-Jul 09
Through a variety of contemporary artistic practices the artworks highlight the worlds that exist parallel to or in place of our own. Any universe that is creatively possible has equal possibility of actually existing. Artists: Joe Bochynski, Dexter Ciprian, Vita Eruhimovitz, Jack Henry, Everett Kane, Julian Montague. Curator: Tatyana Okshteyn.

Crystal Gregory, Alexa Williams: Crossover
Jul 14-Jul 30
Crossover is a collaborative project between artists Crystal Gregory and Alexa Williams exposing the experience of two women working together. Their pallet of utility materials builds metaphors of strength and vulnerability, tension and slack, work and support.