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Actors Theatre Workshop

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Living Up to the Ideal of Democracy: Special Preview of Homeless Childrens Art Exhibition
Jul 26-Nov 28
The Actors Theatre Workshop (ATW) presents Living Up to the Ideal of Democracy, a special exhibition featuring artwork by students of its renowned Builders of the New World (BNW) extracurricular program for homeless children ages eight through 12. A special preview and reception will take place at the theatre on July 26, 2018 from 5:00 - 9:00 PM. The exhibit will officially open on October 11, 2018. Over 50 drawings and associated stories capture unlimited imagination through the children’s interpretations of BNW’s yearly theme - the ideals of American democracy. The welcoming exhibition provides respite from contentious social and digital landscapes through dynamic and colorful imagery symbolizing hope and freedom in “a more perfect Union.” In these illustrations, bald eagles swoop from the sky to fight crimes, American flags break chains representing racism and smiling Statues of Liberty exhibit trademark regal bearing. RSVP at https://www.actorstheatreworkshop.com/art-exhibit-2018/ Founder and Artistic Director Thurman Scott conceives BNW’s signature curriculum using theatre principles, as the students explore not only the effects of politics in their daily lives, but their honest and open desire to create a better world for all. These pieces of artwork also serve a larger purpose in developing the children’s self-esteem in overcoming various challenges within their familial, educational and social environments to become successful leaders and achievers in their communities. Additionally, ATW will hold a two-session BNW program in July as a precursor to their signature BNW holiday classes. The highlight of the July program is an exclusive field trip to Nickelodeon, where the students will present their original artwork and stories, as well as learn about careers in the media industry. Interested volunteer mentors may apply at https://www.actorstheatreworkshop.com/bnw-spring-2018/.