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MEN Gallery

13 Monroe St, New York
Saturday - Sunday 12 - 6 pm




Katerina Marcelja: Krpice
Sep 08-Sep 30
Katerina Marcelja's ''Krpice'' is an ode to the memories that haven’t surfaced. Those that are too insignificant or inconvenient to become part of a narrative. Ethereal, without facts, sequence or elaboration. The minutiae, the irrelevant, the private. Wasted time, tacit desire, efforts that didn't quite make it. Krpice are full of inaccurate references with distorted meanings that engage the absurd. The lose constructions, sculptures and collages made from old garments, bits of fabric, and rags, become an invitation for the memory to take flight or for the imagination to create a memory of what never occurred. Opening Reception: Sat, Sep 8, 6-8pm.