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Jen Tough Gallery

336 Georgia St, Vallejo
Tuesday - Thursday: 10 am - 2 pm, Friday - Saturday: 10 am - 6 pm




Jeff Snell: Visions of the Wild
Sep 08-Oct 08
As part of Vallejo's magical Visions of the Wild festival, artist Jeff Snell will be doing a site specific installation in the Inner Gallery. The theme of the work is ''Our Changing Landscape'' and will address the current assault on our environment. Composed of paint, board, canvas, and mixed media, Jeff's gorgeous sculptural works will envelop the entire space, yet be able to be sold as smaller individual pieces.

Mimi Ting: Willing to Fly
Sep 08-Oct 08
Exhibition by Mimi Ting

Jerry McLaughlin
Oct 07-Nov 05
My paintings start with a lot of colors and a lot of marks. Frequently there are words, numbers, and symbols--recognizable things. But gradually, layer-by-layer, I obscure them. As I build up the painting, I am quieting it down. In the end, though the paintings have complex textures, they are essentially minimalist surfaces in neutral tones.