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Art Works Downtown

1337 4th St, San Rafael




Angelique Benicio: Waking Dreams
Aug 04-Aug 22
Angelique Benicio's work evokes the enchantment and eerie quality of Grimms fairy tales. The lush surfaces and realistic attention to detail in these oil paintings draw the viewer in, but there are unsettling undercurrents.

Angelique Benicio: The Lopsided Boogie and How She Came Out of Darkness
Aug 11-Sep 09
Angelique Benicio: The Lopsided Boogie and How She Came Out of Darkness, is best described as performance work created for film. The main character, Lopsided Boogy, tries to navigate her way through a dark but dreamy world where white grease-painted clowns feast at a chaotic and decadent tea party.

Andrea Bergen, Tetsuya Takenomata
Aug 11-Sep 09
Paper Zoo features the collages of creative duo artist Andrea Bergen and designer Tetsuya Takenomata. Their menagerie of animal-centric work ranges from the cute to chaotic and expresses the artists' love for animals and concern about the future of wildlife.

Jessica Carsten
Aug 11-Sep 09
Jessica Carsten's series of abstract skyscapes draw the viewer's attention away from the contracted chaos of life on land and into the etherial beauty of the sky.