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Art Attack SF

2358 Market St, Ste. 1, San Francisco
Wednesday - Sunday: 12 pm-8 pm




Into the Wild
Apr 05-Jun 02
Inspired by nature, these works share a connection to nature via subject matter or materials used in appreciation of Earth Month. Artists Include: Ahran Lee, Alice Koswara, Alison Ye, Almost Surely Studio, Anais Lera, Angela Tannehill, Annie Walker, Bethany Eden, Cat Sommer, Catherine Gutierrez, Chad Berwald, Cheryl Sorg, Denise Dmochowski, Dianne Hoffman, Dyanna Dimick, Elizabeth Scarborough, Eric Joyner, Gabriel Leonoudakis, Harumo Sato, Jennifer Banzaca, Jennifer Maria Harris, Jeremy Novy, John Boychuk, Joshua Coffy, Jun Yang, Linda Larson, Lyla Warren, Madeleine Buck, Madeleine Sandrolini, Matthew Robertson, Michelle Waters, Molly Kars, Natasha Tsozik, Norio Fujikawa, Olga Kleytman, Pauline Crowther Scott, Rikki List, Rinat Goren, Ruth Santee, Shawnee Gao, Skye Becker-Yamakawa, Stephanie Lue Yen, Taiko Fujimura, Usha Shukla, Yuanyuan Ling, Zebulon Goodell, Zsalto.

Work Day & Night: Elliott C. Nathan Spotlight Exhibition
Jun 06-Jul 01
Art Attack SF is proud to present “Work Day & Night,” a spotlight exhibition featuring the work of Elliott C. Nathan on view June 6th - July 1st, 2018. Join us for the opening reception on Friday, June 8th from 6-9pm! “Finding Balance describes the mentality I had creating this body of work. Rather than beginning with a specific plan or intention I often begin painting, collaging, and layering — following the flow of the brush and seeing what comes out. I’m drawn to bright colors and contrast which is a strong driver in the creation of this series. Working with clients to create custom artwork or murals is exciting, I love being challenged and making things to enhance a space or exude a specific vibe. Creating art is a pleasure and finding balance helps close each piece to move on to the next.” -Elliott C. Nathan Elliott C. Nathan is a San Francisco-based artist. While pursuing a business degree at the University of Connecticut, Elliott took several art courses through the School of Fine Arts. Since 2010, he has shown in solo and group shows around the city and has been featured in New Asterisk Magazine.