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AG Gallery

310 Grand St, Brooklyn
Daily: 12 - 8 pm




Sirikul Pattachote: Flower Offerings
Sep 01-Sep 30
Symbolic offerings are common practice made in Buddhism for multiple reasons but mainly the fundamental importance of offering for the offerer is the act and mind of the offering itself, more than the value of object that is offered. Such material offerings typically involve objects such as food, fruits, water or drinks, incense, candles, and flowers. Although it is visible material that is offered, the main focus of such practice is the mental state of and the action of offering, the material is therefore usually something simple and often from the nature. In this exhibition Sirikul Pattachote and gallery attempt to create the whole experience of the offerings utilizing visual art and sound. It is possible to send out positive energy from one to others; an energy that receivers can convert to an encouragement for anything that they might need. Opening Reception: Sat, Sep 1, 6-8pm.