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Slate Contemporary

473 25th St, Oakland
Thursday - Saturday: 12 - 5pm, First Fridays: 12 - 9pm




Apr 14-Jul 20
Celebrating the floral abundance of springtime in Northern California. Featuring paintings and photography by artists Patricia Benson, Linda MacDonald, Ruth-Anne Siegel, Eric Stampfli, and Sharon Wilcox. --Location: San Ramon Valley Conference Center.

Tobias Tovera, Gregg Reynolds Conly
Jun 01-Jun 30
Tobias Tovera is a visual artist recognized for his work in painting and the sensory surrounds of his multi-media installations. Gregg Reynolds Conly's new body of work uses rectangular bands of color stretch horizontally across his canvases.

Audra Weaser, Danielle Eubank, Thea Schrack:
Jun 29-Aug 26
Exhibition featuring three artists tackling the elusive subject of water from three different formal and conceptual vantage points. Featuring Audra Weaser, Danielle Eubank, and Thea Schrack.

Gail Ragains
Jul 01-Jul 31
Gail Ragains compares her style of painting to the improvisations of a jazz musician. She begins each paintings with a strong foundation of color and abstracts it in the subsequent layers of paint. She considers herself an extremely physical and expressive painter.