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Mercury 20 Gallery

475 25th St, Oakland
Thurs. - Sat. 12 - 6pm




Carlo Fantin: Synesthesia / Ruth Tabancay: The Structure of Cloth 1.1
Jun 15-Jul 22
Carlo Fantin has created a series of portraits of people using the colors that he visualizes when looking at their faces, conveying a sense of each subject's personality through color. As an artist, Ruth Tabancay transposes that curiosity to textiles. For The Structure of Cloth 1.1, she photographed dozens of commercial fabrics with an electron microscope at University of California, Berkeley.

Kathleen King, KC Rosenberg
Jul 27-Sep 02
Artworks by Kathleen King and KC Rosenberg

Julie Alvarado, Jo Ann Biagini, Jill McLennan
Sep 07-Oct 14
Artworks by Julie Alvarado, Jo Ann Biagini and Jill McLennan

Terry Dunn, Fernando Reyes, Kerry Vander Meer
Oct 19-Nov 25
Terry Dunn, Fernando Reyes and Kerry Vander Meer