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57 W 57th St, Suite 1206, New York
Wed - Friday: 12-5, Saturday: 12-4




Nimbus: The Figures of Clara Mairs and Clem Haupers
Jun 23-Aug 04
Clem Haupers' series of ecstatic burlesque dancers, their bodies glowing and contorted by the stage lighting and swift movements of his brush, encapsulate the modern nimbus of the figure that this exhibition explores. Mairs, like Haupers, captured the vivacity of modern women. However, in contrast to Haupers voluptuous models, Clara Mairs' women often shield their faces and turn inwards. With her innovative and exuberant palette, she illuminated the psychological complexity of her female sitters. Curator: Annika Johnson.

Nathan Ritterpusch: Lustre
Jun 23-Aug 04
Nathan Ritterpusch presents Lustre. Bringing together three distinct groups of paintings, the exhibition imagines the emotional longings and desires of an aspirational middle class residing just before the artists birth. Using the British spelling, ''Lustre'' refers to both the polished gloss surface of the work and the faux sophistication associated with the allure of all things foreign.

Amy E. Silver: God, Please Just Get Me Out of This Hole!
Jun 23-Aug 04
Amy E. Silver will present God, Please Just Get Me Out of This Hole!, a selection of intimate, richly-detailed drawings made with mechanical pencil on paper.