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Ubu Gallery

416 E 59th St, New York
Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 11AM-6PM




Les Mysteres de la chambre noir: Photographic Surrealism, 1920 - 1950
Sep 06-Sep 29
Exhibition of photographic images by thirty-three avant-garde artists who experimented with surrealist methods. Utilizing techniques including photomontage, multiple exposures, combined negatives, brulage, photograms and the disarming juxtaposition of disparate images, the artists created unsettling realities. Artists: Hans Bellmer, Denise Bellon, Victor Brauner, Vane Bor, James Hamilton Brown, Janusz Maria Brzeski, Claude Cahun, Rene Clair, Robert Disraeli, Jimmy Ernst, Max Ernst, Victor Guidalevitch, David Hare, Artur Harfaux, Harold Leroy Harvey, Raoul Hausmann, Jindrich Heisler, Georges Hugnet, Pierre Jahan, Humphrey Jennings, Edmund Kesting, Milos Korecek, Jerzy Kujawski, Nathan Lerner, Marcel Marien, Jean Mowat, Gaston Paris, Man Ray, Jindrich Styrsky, Soichi Sunami, Val Telberg, Stefan Themerson, Raoul Ubac, Wols.