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Paul Calendrillo New York Gallery

547 W 27th St, Suite 600, New York
11 am - 6 pm




Jul 05-Jul 28
Paul Calendrillo New York is proud to announce the initial solo exhibition of J Regina Davis who will present a collection of work in diverse media and size that give rise to our different stages of mind. The purpose behind this particular collection of paintings is to recreate small windows of existence recurring from a psychological landscape to that of the intellectual and emotional. In this particular body of work, Regina focuses on the idea of eternal bliss, or perhaps the illusion thereof, versus the thorny injuries wrought by time and experience. She focuses on paintings that profoundly announce symbolic narratives of human nature and act as a testament to our existence in the presence of a larger spiritual reality. The viewer may find, from the realist cloud-scape, an alluring search for spirituality to the surrealism of a world of fantasy hidden under our beds all conveying the paradoxical premise in which life is composed: Reality and fantasy, surrealism and fear, psyche and spiritualism. All of this is inspired and ignited by a single questioning of our experience in existence as a whole. With this symbolic approach to painting, the work forces introspection by the viewer and takes on a different perspective as if reflected on an emotional mirror. At the end, it is the details that make life a whole. As Regina mentions on a recent interview: I do not attempt to recreate the ultimate physical reality, but the unconscious reality – to emphasize intense emotion as an authentic source of aesthetic psychological experience, and placing emphasis on the sublimity of beauty by juxtaposing it with symbolic representation of nature and that of the ultimate human need to believe in something that is beyond ourselves, as a source of hope and consolation, whilst dealing with the dramatic experience of life itself.