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Lyles & King

106 Forsyth St, New York
Wednesday - Sunday: 11 am - 6 pm




Phillip Birch: Milespires and Reliquaries
Oct 13-Nov 12
Milespires and Reliquaries is a movie and accompanying sculptural installation by Phillip Birch. Birch's movie combines 3D and 2D animation, and is set in a futuristic dark age that he suggests is a projection of mankinds current trajectory and a parallel to the dark age of the last millennium. Birch's sculpture for the exhibition comprises three relics created by the Martyrs of Reason, who recorded essential information upon their DNA when the Reapers waged war on rationality.

Borden Capalino
Oct 13-Nov 12
Exhibition by Borden Capalino

Mira Schor
Nov 17-Jan 07
Exhibition by Mira Schor

Lucy Kim, Rachel LaBine, Isabel Yellin
Nov 17-Jan 07
Artworks by Lucy Kim, Rachel LaBine and Isabel Yellin