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Jane Hartsook Gallery - Greenwich House Pottery

16 Jones St, New York
Wednesday - Saturday: 12 - 6 pm




Tom Sachs: Chawan
May 06-Jun 08
The Jane Hartsook Gallery is pleased to present new work by American sculptor Tom Sachs. Known for his dry wit, this modern day chawan’ya observes, ''There comes a time in every middle-aged, man's life when he realizes that Japan is where it's at... Mourning the loss of spirituality in our capitalist environment, we admire Tea's integration of humility, prosperity, and spirituality.'' For Sachs, that has meant making chawan, or teabowls, in addition to learning chanoyu , the way of tea. In this exhibition, Sachs has filled several tea cabinets with chawan and highlighted a number of ''heroes,'' individual chawan that he sets apart as embodying a certain heighted ''thingness.'' Opening Reception: Sun, May 6, 2-4pm.