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Henrique Faria New York

35 E 67th St, New York
Tuesday - Saturday: 11 am - 6 pm




Mercedes Elena Gonzalez: Vulvosas: A Feminine Ecology
Feb 15-Mar 31
From 1976 to 1985, Mercedes Elena Gonzalez produced this first body of mature drawings, making images that correspond to the lived experience of inhabiting the female body. The precise, tight orbs that permeate her drawings are filled with fleshy landscapes and cell division, abstracted ova, spirals, conch shells, as well as carefully articulated openings and explicitly vaginal orifices, offering the syncopated fecundity of the monthly female reproductive cycle and situating it firmly within the natural world.

Fernando Coco Bedoya: Traces & Infiltrations
Feb 15-Mar 24
The work by Fernando ''Coco'' Bedoya, who was the artist that did not sign but conceived of and paid for the publication of Avisos Mecenas 'Patron Wanted', has been, in fact, a consistent reflection on the ''phantoms'' and ''blind zones'' created by conflict, disappearance, catastrophic incidents and social turmoil.