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Ceysson & Benetiere - Paris

23, rue du Renard, Paris
+ 33 1 42 77 08 22
Tuesday - Saturday 11am - 1pm, 2pm - 7pm




Amina Benbouchta, Mohamed El Baz, Mounir Fatmi: Le Monde et Le Reste
May 20-Jun 24
Through installation, painting and photography, Amina Benbouchta explores the condition of women in a society that worships and sanctifies them meanwhile undermining and threatening them. Mohamed El Baz produces art that will only be useful if fixing something of his own intimate relationship to the world. Mounir Fatmi's diverse and multifaceted work questions the other as well as the other within us, while trying to resolve cultural dualism through confronting it to the vital flow of the world.