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Fondation d'Entreprise Ricard

12 rue Boissy d'Anglas, Paris
+33 1 53 30 88 00
Tuesday to Saturday 11 am to 7 pm




Nothing Belongs to Us: Offer
Mar 27-May 06
Nothing Belongs to Us: Offer begins with a feeling. A tugging between the awareness of a reality asking to be clarified, and the wish that a work would always stay partly in the shadows. Artists: Eva Barto, Helene Bertin, Morgan Courtois, Tristan Garcia, Agnes Gayraud, Rochelle Goldberg, Pierre Huyghe, K.r.m. Mooney, Pierre Paulin. Curator: Flora Katz.

Ida Tursic & Wilfried Mille: Bianco Bichon, Nero Madonna, e altre distruzioni liriche
May 23-Jul 01
Ida Tursic and Wilfried Mille's exhibition is a new open, continuous love letter to painting itself, starting with its title, which references the two opposite colors black and white, as well as the coexistence of two subjects, the bichon frise 'a breed of dog', and the Madonna 'the most classic pictorial subject'. Curator: Andrea Viliani.