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Galerie Perrotin - Paris

76 Rue de Turenne, Paris
+33 1 42 16 79 79
lundi - vendredi : 10h - 18h




Zach Harris: Purple Cloud
May 18-Jul 29
Presenting his work for the first time in France is particularly significant for the artist, whose practice synthesizes many art-historical references and is highly inspired by European pictorial tradition.

Xu Zhen: Civilization Iteration
May 18-Jul 29
Because of their metallic and creamy landscapes, Xu Zhen's works have been classified as pop art

Chen Fei : Fine Art
Sep 07-Oct 07
Exposition de Chen Fei

Klara Kristalova : Camouflage
Sep 07-Oct 07
Exposition de Klara Kristalova