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Galerie Perrotin - Paris

76 rue de Turenne, Paris
+33 1 42 16 79 79
lundi - vendredi : 10h - 18h




Laurent Grasso : OttO
Sep 06-Oct 06
Laurent Grasso : OttO : Articulee a partir d’un corpus d'oeuvres inedites et du film eponyme, l'exposition fait entrer en resonance des lieux sacres, des croyances animistes et des theories scientifiques. Chacune concerne des phenomenes invisibles et pourtant actifs ayant en commun les effets reels ou supposes d'ondes, de vibrations et de frequences electromagnetiques. Vernissage : jeudi 6 septembre, 16h-21h.

Madsaki : French Fries with Mayo
Sep 06-Sep 22
Since the beginning of his career as an artist, Madsaki has shown us numerous styles ranging from extremely detailed drawings to large scale sculptures and installations. Recently his style underwent dramatic change where provocative words and phrases now play a center role. Despite of this change, Madsaki continuously observes the society and everyday life from a distinct perspective, reinterprets and reconstructs the extracted essences into his own work. Through his works Madsaki challenges and stirs the stereotype values of various systems we encounter in daily life.

Leslie Hewitt
Sep 06-Sep 22
Working with photography, sculpture, and site-specific installations, Leslie Hewitt addresses fluid notions of time. Her work oscillates between the illusionary potential of photography and the physical weight of sculpture.