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Galerie Lelong Paris

13, rue de Teheran, 75008
+33 1 45 63 13 19
mardi - vendredi : 10h30 - 18h, samedi : 14h - 18h30




Barthelemy Toguo : Strange Fruit
Oct 12-Nov 25
Barthelemy Toguo is using his rich and perceptive universe to denounce the rise in racist violence around the world. Bronze crows, perched on branches from whence his drawings hang, and dogs with sharp teeth await the visitor.

Nalini Malani : People come and go
Oct 12-Nov 25
Through this series of portraits entitled 'People Come and Go', Nalini Malani recalls individuals encountered in the neighbourhood of her studio, the Lohar Chawl Wholesale Market in Mumbai, between 1978 and 2002.

Pierre Alechinsky : Quatorze peintures de l'ete 2017
Oct 12-Nov 25
Pierre Alechinsky : A circle with a square opening in the middle: this is the etching that forms the focal point of this series of new paintings produced this summer in his studio in the Alpilles, then in Bougival.