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Galerie Lelong Paris

13, rue de Teheran, 75008
+33 1 45 63 13 19
Tuesday to Friday: 10am to 6pm, Saturday: 2pm to 6.30pm




Phillip King: Dans la couleur
Feb 01-Apr 01
Phillip King works with a wide range of materials such as steel, plaster, wood, ceramic and plastic

Jiri Kolar: Objets & collages
Feb 01-Apr 01
Jiri Kolar was a Czech writer and poet who moved into art via visual poetry and the effects produced by the letters of a typewriter. His two-dimensional work of collages that sought to disturb and revisit more or less famous images received wide international recognition. His three-dimensional work is less well known working with a variety of large and small objects from daily life, he covered them with layers of entrelacs of ancient typefaces and elements of astronomical maps, transforming them into mysterious objects that were nevertheless still recognizable.