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Fort Gansevoort

5 Ninth Ave, New York




Sylvan Lionni: Goodbye Stranger
Jan 24-Feb 24
Sylvan Lionni's curiously shaped Totem series are reproductions of unfolded cake boxes, produced in steel and unfolded to their original flatter die-cut forms leaving tabs and fold lines exposed. The resulting silhouetted forms reveal their most conspicuous feature: a bilateral symmetry that gives them an undeniable sectioned, totemic appearance which ultimately provided Lionni with the title for this series. Opening: Wed, Jan, 24, 6-8pm.

Sam Stewart: Cryptid
Feb 15-Mar 24
Exploring the perverse desires and sincere emotions that we project onto the things we own, Sam Stewart's sculptures subvert the intended use of the items they resemble, and instead operate as symbolic totems. Opening: Thu, Feb 15, 6-8pm.