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Gallery at BRIC House

647 Fulton St, Brooklyn
Tues - Sat: 10 am - 6 pm, Sun: 12 - 6 pm




Brooklyn Photographs
Sep 07-Oct 29
Brooklyn Photographs brings together the work of 11 photographers who have turned their lens on the Brooklyn experience from the late 1960s to the present. Photographers: Yolanda Andrade, Stefanie Apple, Nelson Bakerman, Leigh Davis, Max Kozloff, George Malave, Meryl Meisler, Patrick D. Pagnano, Sergio Purtell, Larry Racioppo, Frederick Russell.

Magali Duzant: What Is It, Then, Between Us
Oct 10-May 26
Magali Duzant's interdisciplinary work fuses the poetics of perception with a scientific approach to relating the lived experience. In her installation, Duzant illuminates the power of gesture to serve as a universal language.

Leslie Kerby: The World Contained
Oct 23-Nov 14
Leslie Kerby's work employs a variety of media to explore how identity and social narratives are constructed personally and collectively. The World Contained investigates the multivalent uses of boxes: as containment vessels within global trade and as temporary materials for low-cost housing.

Fernanda Mello: Mirror's Inhabitants
Nov 16-Jan 07
Working primarily in painting and drawing, Fernanda Mello reinterprets folkloric culture she learned as a child growing up in Brazil.

Open 'C'all: Truth
Nov 16-Dec 17
We live in an era when truth is under assault. In a time of alternative truths and truthiness, we ask that you show us your truth. What is real and true for you? BRIC's open call exhibitions--presented every other year in the Gallery of BRIC House--feature the work of over 100 artists and are open to all members of the BRIC Contemporary Artist Registry. BRIC's Registry is free and open to artists who were born, live, or work in Brooklyn.

Leigh Davis: An Inquiry into the ELE
Nov 16-Jan 07
Intrigued by the complicated relationship people have with death and grief, Leigh Davis explores the moments directly proceeding, during, or right after someone loses a loved one. Working in a variety of media, Davis creates an archive of End-of-Life Experiences 'or ELEs', which can be described as any sort of deathbed coincidence, premonition, change in atmosphere, or peculiar vision.