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Art in General

145 Plymouth St, Brooklyn
Tuesday - Saturday: 12 - 6 pm




Le Thuan Uyen
Apr 01-Aug 31
Le Thuan Uyen is an independent researcher and curator currently living and working in Hanoi. Her work investigates alternative histories of Vietnam, bringing to light personal narratives rendered absent, unknown or undesirable by the official historical record.

Adela Souckova
Jun 25-Sep 15
Questioning power structures, Adela Souckova develops a complex and critical pictorial language that overlaps from drawing to performance, installation, video, poetry and sound collaborations.

Andras Csefalvay
Jun 25-Sep 15
Andras Csefalvay is interested in alternative forms of storytelling that give voice to animal, cultural, human and object-based perspectives otherwise silenced by dominant world interpretation.

Gabor Kristof
Jun 25-Sep 15
Gabor Kristof's practice examines the overlap between traditional image-making techniques and the possibilities of industrial production.

Justyna Goorowska
Jun 25-Sep 15
Justyna Goorowska is a performance artist whose work explores posthumanism and the boundaries between being and non-being.

Mary Walling Blackburn: E%
Jul 15-Aug 30
In her new commission the artist explores this space, creating a collaboratively-made chart specific for the context of Swimming Pool and using it as the score for a musical performance, with a number of previous charts made by Mary Walling Blackburn also on view.