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Westbeth Gallery

55 Bethune St, New York
Wednesday - Sunday: 1 - 6 pm




The Fiber Matrix
Oct 07-Oct 29
The Fiber Matrix is a collection of works that represent the versatility of textiles and the myriad of ways they can be used to create objects of utility, works of art and pedagogical instruments and facilitate thought provoking dialogue about a variety of contemporary and historical topics. Artists: Aleeda Crawley, Anjean Carter, Antonia Manuela, Barbara Fridie, Barbara Mims, Betty Robertson, Brenda Harris, Cassandra Knight, Delores Frazier, Diane Collier, Diane Pryor-Holland, Edward Bostick, Eleanor Williams, Frieda Hoyett, Jackquelynn Jones, Jacqueline Johnson, Karen Haynes, Kenny Johnson, Kim Hall, Margaret Simmons, Marilyn Hamilton, Minnie Curry, Sandi Howell, Sandra Samaniego, Shelia Bligen, Thadine Wormly-Herndon, Wendy Higginbotham. Guest Exhibitors: Frank Sabatte, Philistine Lawson, Robert L. Herndon. Curator: William Daniels.

Thinking Big
Nov 02-Nov 25
Thinking Big addresses the significance of both the physical and psychological impact of an artworks size in relation to its thematic concerns. Forty one gallery artists are included in this dynamic exhibition of paintings, prints, drawings and sculpture. Artists: Mary Lou Alberetti, Robert Alberetti, Gulgun Aliriza, Doug Anderson, Theresa Bartol, Nancy Beal, Pamela Berkeley, Leslie K. Brill, Richard Castellana, Michael Chelminski, Marcia Clark, Anne Diggory, Ken Ecker, Judith Evans, Sharyn Finnegan, Owen Grey, Margaret Grimes, Carol Heft, Marilyn Honigman, Sam Jungkurth, Charles Kalman, Joan Marie Kelly, Marjorie Kramer, John Leavey, Margaret Leveson, Helene Manzo, Richard Kirk Mills, Alakananda Mulkerji, Janie Paul, Erica Prud'homme, Janie Paul, Nancy Prusinowski, Tim Ross, Victoria Salzman, Gina Sawin, Janet Sawyer, Linda Smith, Sam Thurston, Jennifer Toth, Marie Van Elder, Rose Weinstock, Jeanie Wing. Curators: Marcia Clark, Anne Diggory, Sharyn Finnegan, Margaret Grimes, Margaret Leveson, Helene Manzo, Alakananda Mukerji.