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Anya and Andrew Shiva Gallery - John Jay College

860 11th Ave, New York
Monday to Friday, 1 to 5PM




Xanadu: Land of Enchantment
Mar 20-Jun 02
This show explores the world of imagination residing in the playfulness of imagery as it pertains to dreams. Legends, myths, and childrens fantasies as seen in Elysiac imagery rendered with seeming innocence while simultaneously containing biting commentaries.

Weapon of Choice
May 05-Jul 21
Violence - and the threat of it- is a pre-political manner of communication and control. Since the beginning of time, man has depended on weapons to impose hierarchy of some kind in his surroundings and society 'and fundamentally to undermine equality'. Artists: Shay Arick, Alessandro Balteo-Yazbeck in collaboration with Media Farzin, Natalie Baxter, Detext, Harun Farocki, Patrick Hamilton, Jessica Kaire, Goncalo Mabunda, Priscilla Monge, Edwin Sanchez and Roberto Visani. Curator: Isabela Villanueva.