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RESOBOX - Long Island City

41-26 27th St, Long Island City
Monday - Saturday: 12 - 4 pm/6 - 10 pm, Sunday: 12 - 6 pm




Michelle Sakhai: My Inner World
Apr 23-Jun 09
Michelle Sakhai: Traveling from a young age and experiencing many cultures have been sources of inspiration in my work. My paintings are influenced by places I have lived and traveled. Opening Reception: Sun, May 20, 6-9pm.

Sake for the Summer: Experience Chilled Sake
Jun 11-Jul 21
Explore a new way of drinking sake! In this exhibition, we will show you one of the best ways to drink sake properly on sweltering hot days. One of the most beguiling and engaging aspects of sake is its ability to be enjoyed over a wide range of temperatures. One of our purposes in this exhibition is to have you try each sake at its recommended temperature ranges. Different temperatures suit different sake and we encourage you to taste each of them at a cool temperature at this exhibition. We will exhibit six kinds of sake each of which have strong features and flavors and are best drunk cold. Sake that is served cold will generally taste drier, fruitier and with a lighter flavor. These sake will be available for tasting at the very reasonable price of $3-4 for mini glasses or O-choko, which are Japanese traditional sake cups. We will be serving the sake in the three ways below: