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Talwar Gallery

108 E 16th St, New York
Tuesday to Saturday 11:00 am to 6:00 pm




Allan deSouza: Through the Black Country
Jan 13-Apr 01
Taking up issues of travel, immigration, and cross-cultural encounter, both artists speak critically to the present moment. Allan deSouza's work, Through the Black Country, combines photography, painting, and text in an arresting restaging of the 19th-century explorer narrative.

Alia Syed: On a wing and a prayer
Jan 13-Apr 01
Alia Syed's work is an imaginative response to the case of Abdul Rahman Haroun, a Sudanese refugee who in 2015 walked the length of the English Channel tunnel - a staggering 31-mile underground journey - in a bid for asylum from the British government. With dramatically immediate, almost handheld camera work, the film thrusts the viewer into the refugees position, alternately walking and running through the surreal subterranean world of the tunnel.