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Tabla Rasa Gallery

224 48th St, Brooklyn




Fake News
Jan 06-Mar 04
Most works included in this exhibition reference, incorporate, or mimic publications which utilize the printed word, often in the form of a newspaper, informational documents. Also included are works that utilize video, as another source of informational content. Whether the inspiration is photographic illusion, the sociopolitical content of a story, a headline, the existence of publications in daily life and culture, or simply the visual character of densely arranged printed words, each of these artists has been inspired beyond the mundane ubiquity of the newspaper, to create their own visual truth. Artists: Ginger Andro, John Avelluto, Stephen Basso, Ellen Coleman Izzo, Sophia Dawson, William GoodWill Ellis, Kate Fauvell, Daniel Genova, Chuck Glicksman, Robin Holder, Peter Patchen, Elyse Taylor. Opening Reception: Sat, Jan 6, 2:30-4:30pm.