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Open Source Gallery

306 17th St, Brooklyn
Thursday to Saturday: 2 to 6pm




Francesco Simeti: Swell
Apr 22-May 27
In Swell, Simeti transforms appropriated images from Brooklyn waterways, such as the Gowanus Canal, into a motorized installation in which the public can contemplate the consequences of human activity on our surroundings.

Andrew Snyder: 9 Meditations
Jun 03-Jul 15
Traditionally, the act of throwing is merely a means to an end the potters wheel, a tool. Customarily, the act of throwing is documented by firing the work. During 9 Meditations, Snyder, rather than relying on the finished product to demonstrate his skill, documents his time on the potters wheel by transforming the fabric beneath the potters wheel into a canvas for the documentation of his work.