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David Richard Gallery

1570 Pacheco St, Santa Fe
Tuesday - Saturday: 10 am - 5 pm




Tim Bavington: Sunshine Maker
Aug 04-Sep 02
Tim Bavington: spectacular color-based abstractions rooted in Rock and Roll music, color and visual perception.

Mario Yrisarry: Stenciled and Sprayed: Paintings from 1961 - 1967
Aug 04-Sep 02
Mario Yrisarry stenciled and sprayed his canvases with acrylic paint, exploring non-traditional, non-brush methods of applying pigment during the 1960s and 70s in New York. Inspired by jazz music, his linear applications of paint with combinations of hard and soft edges within the same composition created lyrical abstractions, while his canvas-filling patterns produced a rhythm and beat.

Optic Response - Flashbacks: Summer of Love 50 Years On
Aug 04-Sep 02
A pop up exhibition comprised of paintings from the 1960s and contemporary artworks that are highly retinal, inducing flashbacks and memories of the Summer of Love. Optic Response focuses on artworks that stimulate the eye, produce illusions and challenge visual perception. Artists: Richard Anuszkiewicz, Tim Bavington, Ernst Benkert, Leon Berkowitz, Francis Celentano, Thomas Downing, Ed Mieczkowski, Rakuko Naito, Oli Sihvonen, Julian Stanczak, Tadasky, Neil Williams.