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David Richard Gallery - Santa Fe

1570 Pacheco St, Santa Fe
Tuesday - Saturday: 10 am - 5 pm




Nancy Graves: After Image
Oct 11-Nov 11
The optical effects explored by Nancy Graves in the paintings and prints with the black ground came from her study of color under Josef Albers at Yale in the 1960s and his important course on the Interaction of Color. The vibrational combinations of neon-like colors against the black grounds are evocative of ''after images'' and hence, the title for the exhibition.

Adam Scott: Terraforms: New Paintings
Oct 11-Nov 11
Adam Scott's recent paintings are visual distillations of observed geologic phenomena that occurs in the high elevations of the Mojave Desert in Joshua Tree California. He couples those distillations with his interest in the utopic and dystopic aspects of science fiction to create paintings that re-imagine the western landscape circa 2017.

Erik H Gellert: Out of Square
Oct 11-Nov 11
Erik H Gellert: In this most recent body of work I have returned my attention to that of the square. Where previously I had married the wiggly elements of nature with the efficiency of the square I have now broken these elements apart and fused them together resulting in quirky, more animated forms. These works are built upside down and are righted only before being glaze fired. Thus imbued with a contradictory nature they very much are a reflection of me.

Nina Tryggvadottir: Paintings From 1952 to 1963
Nov 18-Dec 16
Abstract expressionism and segue into the 1960s

Alcpoley: 1950 - 1965, Selections in Oil, Watercolor and Ink
Nov 18-Dec 16
Abstract expressionism and segue into the 1960s