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Form & Concept

435 S Guadalupe St, Santa Fe
Tuesday - Saturday: 10 am - 5 pm




Armond Lara: Flying Blue Buffalo Installation
Aug 17-Nov 17
Armond Lara collaborated with form & concept on this monumental art installation, a flock of 77 winged buffalo that soars through gallery’s atrium. Inspired by his own family history, Lara dreamed up the Flying Blue Buffalo as a new symbol of Indigenous resilience. The installation tells the centuries-long story of abducted and enslaved Native American children. Each sculpture in the suspended flock is labeled with the name of a child who never came home. Opening Reception: Fri, Aug 17, 5-7pm. Artist Talk: Sat, Aug 18, 2-3pm. Closing Reception: Sat, Nov 17, 5-7pm.