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Canyon Road Contemporary Art

622 Canyon Rd, Santa Fe
Monday - Saturday: 10 am - 5 pm, Sunday: 11 am - 4 pm




Canyon Road Spring Art Festival
May 11-May 12
Canyon Road Spring Art Festival May 11-12 Friday-Saturday Featuring Kathy Beekman, Molly Heizer, Ali Launer, Kari Rives, Doug Gillis, Lydia Piper and more! Jewelry by Artist Kelly Ormsby! Its that most wonderful time of the year when the Canyon Road Art District embarks on its high season! Art enthusiasts, take your first peek at this years offerings in a wide variety of art styles! From contemporary to Western, and absolutely everything in between, find it all at Canyon Roads annual spring art event. On Friday evening, galleries will celebrate their talented artists by showcasing every imaginable genre of art! Saturday promises to be an event not to be missed. There will be something for everyone to enjoy, and the rare opportunity to watch top-tier artists create. Opportunities will be there for enthusiasts to request live commissions, to ask questions and to simply be wowed by the wealth of talent and exuberance this event brings as artists convene en mass onto our venerable art district.

Springtime Divine! Impressionist paintings by Dena Tollefson
May 18-May 28
Witness the exuberant, joyful art by Dena Tollefson, dedicated to the wonders of nature that God has created. Her skies swirl with spiritual energy, her flowers swoon with personality and life. Denas body of work utilizes a unique technique she developed, where daubs of individually mixed oil paint are applied with a palette knife. Self-described as Daubism, all of Denas paintings are created using a palette knife where each stroke of color is isolated from the others. The largest marks are applied with a serving spoon, allowing ridges of paint which catch the light and appear to dance and scintillate as the viewer moves past the painting. Most paintings will have hundreds of different colors these colors are all individually hand-mixed from a limited palette, resulting in unique colors which relate to one another because of the limited palette. She is always striving for a sensual, tactile surface in paint that calls attention to the glory of life.