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Owen Contemporary

225 Canyon Rd, Santa Fe




Cap Pannell, Stephen Pentak: Seeing Nature
Aug 31-Sep 13
Cap Pannell and Stephen Pentak are featured together in this exhibition of landscapes and cloudscapes that showcases their unique and contrasting interpretations of the world outside. Opening Reception: Fri, Aug 31, 5pm.

Martha Rea Baker, Daniel Phill: A Spontaneous Approach
Sep 28-Oct 11
Spontaneous, automatic, instinctive, unplanned, impulsive, unthinking, impromptu -- these are words which come to mind when describing Martha Rea Baker's painting process. Daniel Phill's paintings are created from his abstracted interpretations of the natural world. It is an ongoing reimagining of vegetation, flowers and the landscape. Opening Reception: Fri, Aug 31, 5pm. Fri, Sep 28, 5pm