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440 Gallery

440 6th Ave, Brooklyn
Thursday - Friday: 4 - 7 pm, Saturday - Sunday: 11 am - 7 pm




Nancy Lunsford, JoAnne McFarland: Mending
Feb 15-Mar 18
Nancy Lunsford's work consists primarily of small, meticulous portraits of women drawn from American History. JoAnne McFarland's work is elegiac: restrained and quiet. Her Stilled-Life paintings are of a single object: a split pomegranate, an artichoke, a few spools of bright thread. Opening Reception: Thu, Feb 15, 6-8pm.

Karen Gibbons: Luminous Paradox
Mar 22-Apr 22
Karen Gibbons: This show is a collection of collaged paintings with sculptural sensibilities. Found materials are hinged or bolted together and the artist then builds compositions using images, pastel and paint. Opening Reception: Fri, Mar 23, 5-8pm