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AIR Gallery

155 Plymouth St, Brooklyn
Wednesday - Sunday: 12 - 6 pm




Dialectics of Entanglement: Do We Exist Together?
Aug 02-Sep 02
Artists: Judith Baca, Beverly Buchanan, Janet Olivia Henry, Senga Nengudi, Lydia Okumura, Howardena Pindell, Selena W. Persico, Zarina, Aruna D'Souza, Regina Jose Galindo, Che Gossett, and Rachael Rakes. Opening Reception: Thu, Aug 2, 6-8pm.

Decadent Illusions
Aug 02-Sep 02
Decadent Illusions is an exhibition of collages and drawings from d'Ann de Simone, Kristen Franyutti and Elyse Gambino. The works reflect the deceptively lush and placid surface of contemporary consumer culture, while showing that just below the surface lies an abyss of turmoil and decay. Opening Reception: Thu, Aug 2, 6-8pm.

Jess X Snow: 'Our Love Is' Unbroken by Bars
Aug 02-Sep 02
'Our Love Is' Unbroken by Bars is an ongoing art and storytelling project curated by Katie Fuller with prints and a mural by Jess X Snow that addresses the systemic neglect of women, who are the fastest growing prison population. Opening Reception: Thu, Aug 2, 6-8pm.