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Elizabeth Dee Gallery

2033/2037 Fifth Ave, New York
Tuesday - Saturday: 10 am - 6 pm




Julia Wachtel: Displacement
Nov 11-Jan 20
Julia Wachtel: Displacement introduces ten epic paintings that address the implication of urgent, radical viewpoints from digital and print sources that reflect the nation's current political and larger global psyche.

Howard Halle: Return To Graceland, Works from the '80s and '90s
Nov 11-Jan 20
Howard Halle's work from the period explored two dovetailing issues: The idea of memory as a space colonized by artifacts from popular culture and current events, and the question of agency: Who has it, who doesnt, and how is agency abetted/constrained by larger social forces? The best example of their overlap is America itself, where discarding the past is the prerequisite for fulfilling the promise of liberty.

Lisa Beck: Rising and Falling
Nov 11-Jan 20
Lisa Beck's new paintings examine the relationship between the observable aspects of reality, like landscape or the body, and the aspects that are too vast or too tiny to see, or grasp completely, like space or atomic physics, that necessarily become abstractions.