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Invisible Dog Art Center

51 Bergen St, Brooklyn
Thursday - Saturday: 1 - 7 pm, Sunday 1 - 5 pm




Sep 09-Oct 21
This exhibition features work Abe made with his father at his childhood home a Christmas tree farm in Northern Vermont. The single sculpture is made of only two materials: wood and wool. Poplar logs were cut and milled with a chainsaw on the farms overgrown pastures. Raw sheep fleece was collected from a local farm. These simple materials open conversations between past, present, and place. This human scale sculpture offers a personal visceral encounter: body of sculpture to body of viewer. Abe was born in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont in 1975. He now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. He received his B.A. in fine arts from Bard College and his M.F.A. from Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts at Bard College. His work has been exhibited in New York, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, China, Germany, Belgium, and France. He teaches at Parsons The New School for Design.

Oct 07-Nov 04
Anne Mouriers second solo exhibition at the Invisible Dog Art Center, Elevation, invokes the forces of the feminine reemerging in todays society. A pensive procession of pails of water leads from the entrance into the reaches of the gallery. Three monumental wooden altars display both utilitarian cleaning supplies and sculptural reliquaries of them. Floating overhead, the ethereal image of a figure in peaceful surrender is fragmented across three delicate silk panels. In a continued exploration of site-specific installations, Elevation relies primarily on the gallerys natural light to transform the space into one of self-reflection as it conjures a conversation about the spiritual and symbolic implications of acts of cleaning. Anne Mourier is a French-born, Brooklyn-based artist. She had her first solo show in 2013 at the Glass House @ The Invisible Dog Art Center, which she designed to host her work. In 2015 she exhibited at the CAOS Gallery in Venice, Italy, during the Biennale, and the following year showed large installations in France, as well as an exhibition at the Muse Yvonne Guegan in Normandy. This October she is returning to The Invisible Dog with her largest installation yet, Elevation. Her book Maries, a monograph of her work of the past ten years, its origins, and the process it derived from, which she published in June 2017, will be presented during Elevation this fall.

Oct 28-Oct 29
Expanding on Sophie Gamands acclaimed Flower Power photo series, this one-day event is an immersive installation that incorporates interactive art and virtual reality, as well as a performance. The exhibit invites the visitor to question our relationship to shelter pit bulls, from the moment these anonymous dogs enter the shelter system to the soulful Flower Power portraits that celebrate their individuality. For the past decades, pit bulls have been demonized by society, often portrayed as hellhounds. This has sealed the fate of countless dogs who face prejudice, systematic abuse and death in shelters around the world. In America alone, hundreds of thousands of pit bulls are euthanized every year. Sophie Gamand travels across the U.S. to photograph shelter pit bulls wearing flower crowns. Her Flower Power series challenges the way society perceives and treats pit bulls by shortening the emotional distance between the viewer and these misunderstood dogs. The portraits celebrate the life and dignity of these soulful creatures who are at the mercy of humans. About Sophie Gamand: Award-winning artist and animal advocate based in Brooklyn, Sophie is particularly known for her Flower Power project.

Nov 09-Nov 12
Multiple Bessie-Award winning artist Yvonne Meier shares two pieces: Durch Dick und Duenn, an all new work for multiple soloists, and Durch Nacht und Nebel, a short solo for Meier. In Durch Dick und Duenn Through Thick and Thin performers Lorene Bouboushian, Lisa Kusanagi, and Meier move through a rapid-fire sequence of eccentric action and shape-shifting characters as they navigate a volatile landscape of murky depths, brittle and explosive walls, and a few surprises. This new work draws on Meiers 30 year practice of improvisational Releasing and Authentic Movement techniques. In Durch Nacht und Nebel which translates to By Night and Fog, seen at last years American Realness Festival, Meier transforms herself with provocative costumes. Fearlessly morphing from one creature to the next one transformation involved an orange bodysuit affixed with the plastic babies, and in another, she was coated in black paint she exposed her aging body with aplomb. Is there nothing shes afraid of? wrote Gia Kourlas New York Times. Costumes and set designed by Esther Neff Lighting design by Michael Stiller Dramaturgy by Aki Sasamoto. Thursday Saturday at 7.30PM & Sun at 5PM These performances are co-presented by Invisible Dog Art Center and Danspace Project