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Corridor Gallery

334 Grand Ave, Brooklyn




Allie Wilkinson: Connect
Jan 21-Feb 25
Working with translucencies and layering, Allie Wilkinson pairs these elements with intricate graphite drawings. The layered effect transforms each work into visual hazes of organic portraiture. Through this technique, she is able to convey the messy, strange, transcendent, and luminous experience of being. Curator: Oshun Layne. Opening Reception: Sun, Jan 21, 4-6pm.

An Ode to Healing: A Poetic Exhibition for those in Recovery
Jan 21-Feb 25
An Ode to Healing: A Poetic Exhibition for those in Recovery is a lyrical poem for those in recovery from the challenges they are forced, and/or choose, to face recognizing and celebrating the process of achieving wholeness. Seven artists--four visual artists and three performance artists--whose work has continued to uplift and heal others are featured in this exhibition. They are visual artists John Pagliaro, Steven Cogle, Kelly Niceley, Allie Wilkerson, and Mona Kamal and performance artists Damali Abrams, Brittany Williams and Tsedaye Makonnen. Curator: Minkie English. Opening reception: Sun, Jan 21, 4-6pm.