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Soho Photo Gallery

15 White St, New York
Wednesday - Sunday: 1 pm - 6 pm




F. Emmanuel Bastien: The Merit is to be Alive
Dec 06-Dec 30
F. Emmanuel Bastien: The streets of Havana are almost empty. There is no music or alcohol allowed and most businesses are closed. The anxiety is palpable. At the news of Fidel Castro's death I went to Cuba to photograph flag-waving, teary-eyed faces along the funeral procession. Instead, in search of capturing the mood during the nine-day morning period, I quickly found myself staring at fugitive figures reflected in the windows of closed shops.

Edward Lakeman: Tokyo Sanpo
Dec 06-Dec 30
Edward Lakeman: This series explores the backstreets in and around Tokyo.

Thom O'Connor: Something About the Light
Dec 06-Dec 30
Thom O'Connor: I like photographing in Southern California. In winter, the morning and evening sunlight takes center stage: warm, friendly, and welcoming.

Ruth Raskin: Lit
Dec 06-Dec 30
Ruth Raskin: I wanted to play with perception. When we see a lit bulb, we assume the light is emanating from within. But these lightbulbs are lit with flashlights on a black background in a dark room. By turning the light on the bulbs, instead of stealing the light from the bulbs, I allowed these everyday objects to shine in an unexpected way.

Allison Rufrano: Dreamscapes
Dec 06-Dec 30
Allison Rufrano: Drawn to the unknown, I am an artist that pushes the photographic medium to reveal a vision that questions reality.

Hans Weiss: Death of Venice
Dec 06-Dec 30
Hans Weiss: These pictures show an apocalyptic vision. Venice is falling apart, set on fire and flooded. These pictures are reflections of the cityscape in water puddles.

Stuart Zalka: Found/The World At Your Feet
Dec 06-Dec 30
Stuart Zalka: This portfolio was created during the spring and summer of 2017 by collecting street-found detritus and capturing the images on a flatbed scanner.

Bina Altera: Immemorial
Dec 14-Dec 14
Bina Altera: I try to resist strong attachments to physical things, yet I experience a visceral reaction when I lose something that has meaningful associations. In creating Immemorial I wanted to examine such attachments and find others who also hold onto personal possessions so tenaciously. I asked my friends and family to share these items with me as well as their stories and explanations of why these objects are important to them. I then borrowed the chosen objects so I could photograph them in the context of a still life. Contemporary Photographers Speaker Series: 6-8pm.