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Soho Photo Gallery

15 White St, New York
Wednesday to Sunday 1:00pm - 6:00pm




Neil O. Lawner: Signage: The Backdrop of Street Life in NY
Apr 05-Apr 29
In this exhibit my intent is to capture the juxtaposition of the New Yorker living and working amidst the often-unnoticed presence of art in public places.

Audrey Bernstein: Faces Imagined
Apr 05-Apr 29
This collection challenges the traditional definitions of portraiture and encourages us to reconsider its meaning. The subjects in these photo paintings become enigmatic figures that stretch the boundaries of identity.

David Kutz: The Stranger's Path and Future Obsolescence
Apr 05-Apr 29
Inspired by an essay titled The Stranger's Path by the renowned American geographer, J.B. Jackson, and the great panoramas of the early 19th-century, this 21-foot long, 210-degree panoramic work considers the commonality of the modern travel experience. Intermediate zones, such as the arcade connecting two non-places at Schonefeld Airport in Berlin and known as the 'tunnel,' epitomize the experience of arrival and departure in today's globalized world.

Roman Makhmutov: Euro Integration
Apr 05-Apr 29
In the XIX century, thirty-two small Russian settlements were renamed in honor of European regions that had been liberated or conquered by Russian soldiers. Thats how in the southern Ural mountains, villages gained names like Paris, Berlin, Warsaw, Balkans, etc. The photographer visited these places, searching for Russias cultural and economic connections with the West. This research digs into the depths of contemporary Russia while linking it with the outside world.

B.T. Kim: Roam Free
Apr 05-Apr 29
Love, hate, happiness and sorrow. They are like the clouds floating, here one moment, gone the next.

Jake Lambroza: Street Moments - NYC
Apr 05-Apr 29
The streets are alive and beat to a rhythm of beauty and soul all their own.

Martin Frank: Industrial Figures
Apr 05-Apr 29
Using available light afforded by windows in these abandoned industrial spaces, Martin Frank explores the vicissitudes of light, the contrasting angles and textures of brick and skin, of edifice and human form