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Soho Photo Gallery

15 White St, New York
Wednesday - Sunday: 1 - 6 pm




Saman Genshin: Seen Worlds
Oct 02-Nov 03
Saman Genshin: A glimpse causes me to raise the camera and click. I then spend months, or years, rendering different worlds and moods through variations of a photograph. The images are taken on film and printed with photochemical processes and the variations are created from the materials' reactions to extremes of heat, light and time. The results are these images from a psychological world which I understand well. Opening Reception: Tue, Oct 2, 6-8pm.

Barry Guthertz: Falling Waters
Oct 02-Nov 03
Barry Guthertz: The challenge for the ''Falling Waters'' project was to create images where the image would trigger the viewer's imagination to perceive the sounds that accompany the image so the viewer both sees and hears water in motion. Opening Reception: Tue, Oct 2, 6-8pm.

Joan Lemler: Remnants
Oct 02-Nov 03
Joan Lemler: I continue to be intrigued by abandoned places, as I find beauty and serenity in the light and color of the remains. Opening Reception: Tue, Oct 2, 6-8pm.

Allison Rufrano: She Speaks to Me
Oct 02-Nov 03
Allison Rufrano: Pulling stills from animated gifs, the portrait is transformed through time and motion, changing the light, color and mood of the subject. Opening Reception: Tue, Oct 2, 6-8pm.

Michael Sackler: Reading the New York Times Building
Oct 02-Nov 03
Michael Sackler: This photo study explores the relationship between image, word and object by conflating images of the New York Times building and the newspaper itself through double exposures. Opening Reception: Tue, Oct 2, 6-8pm.

Paul Stein: Understudies
Oct 02-Nov 03
Paul Stein: Like the B-roll in a noir film, these flat-plane understudies are supplemental background shots. Opening Reception: Tue, Oct 2, 6-8pm.

Hans Weiss: Dancing Souls of Canal Grande
Oct 02-Nov 03
Hans Weiss: For centuries, when darkness falls, a ceremony takes place in Venice. The souls of the founders of this dream-like city meet at Canal Grande and start dancing. For a few minutes, they show up as flickering lights, celebrating the magical essence of Venice--water, light and stone. Opening Reception: Tue, Oct 2, 6-8pm.