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Soho Photo Gallery

15 White St, New York
Wednesday to Sunday 1:00pm - 6:00pm




Anthony Almeida: On the Street
Jun 07-Jul 01
Serendipitous Encounters of the New York Kind

Norman Borden: Out of the Norm
Jun 07-Jul 01
As a New York street photographer, I'm interested in appearance, gesture and behavior.

Susan Bowen: In Your Face
Jun 07-Jul 01
The energy of the city, the density of crowds, is what inspires my various ''people walking'' photographs.

Carol Julien: New York Winks - NYC
Jun 07-Jul 01
This collection reflects my relationship with New York City.

Neil O. Lawner: On the Street: Expect the Unexpected
Jun 07-Jul 01
New York City is a magnet that attracts so many unconventional types.

Moshe Katvan: The Ever-So-Stylish Newspaper Salesman
Jun 07-Jul 01
On a street corner in Chelsea, New York, a man sits in a wheelchair selling newspapers.

Rivka Katvan: The Lady Vanishes
Jun 07-Jul 01
Admiring a regal mural of a Cuban immigrant woman created by artists JR and Jose Parla, Rivka Katvan photographed it.

Katarzyna Derda: Paper Dreams
Jun 07-Jul 01
At times when I find myself looking into the past, or future and feeling overwhelmed, or frightened, all I must do is pick up my camera to feel at ease in the present. I create my own fantasy world through my lens.

Katarzyna Derda: Neverdoll
Jun 07-Jul 01
Neverdoll is a cinematic narrative that uses storytelling as a way to confront emotional states such as melancholy, loneliness and fear.