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Robert Henry Contemporary

56 Bogart St, Brooklyn
Thursday - Sunday: 1 - 6 pm




Noah Loesberg: Remote Barrier Storage
Apr 13-May 25
Through shifts in scale and substitutions of materials, sculptor Noah Loesberg recontextualizes items from construction trades, architectural details, patent drawings, illuminated manuscripts and for this exhibition, concrete highway barriers. This exhibition will feature an installation of highway barriers commonly made of concrete recreated by Loesberg in wood, to scale. Opening Reception: Fri, Apr 13, 6-9pm.

Melissa Vandenberg: Monument
Apr 13-May 25
Monument is an exhibition of sculpture and works on paper by Melissa Vandenberg that, by using ephemeral materials such as cloth and paper, co-opts cultural symbols like flags, obelisks, gravestones, and religious iconographies to manipulate our feelings of nostalgia that in the process, raises questions about cultural and personal identity, power, mortality and memory. Opening Reception: Fri, Apr 13, 6-9pm.