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Black Ball Projects

374 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn

Saturday - Sunday: 12 - 6 pm




Camel Collective: Something Other than What You Are
Apr 19-Jun 03
Anthony Graves and Carla Herrera-Prats, aka Camel Collective: At the center of the exhibition is a video that grapples with collaborative production, freelance labor and the constructed nature of reality. In this work color theory and the labor of theatrical lighting become a way of presenting a scale model of capitalist production and the distorted and contradictory values it seduces us into believing. Also on view are sculptural works, as well as a series of small drawings that the duo employs as an index to their research process. Camel Collective will be in conversation with: Professor Samir Gandesha and writer Sara Nadal-Melsio: Sat. Apr 28, 4-6pm.