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Yours Mine & Ours

54 Eldridge St, New York
Wednesday to Sunday 12 to 6p




Esther Ruiz: Static Limit
May 18-Jun 30
Consisting of a free standing sculpture and multiple editions of the same wall-hung work, the lower gallery is an immersive installation of neon, mimicking the namesake of the show. Referring to the space around a rotating black hole, Static Limit is as close as one can get to the darkness before being consumed.

Cameron Welch: Hide and Seek
May 18-Jun 30
Presenting three, new large-scale works, Cameron Welch more than excavates his own identity, he exploits it, thrusting his various selves onto the canvas for the viewer to piece together. If Warhol was meant to erase the meaning of the image through repeating it Welch is asking us to deal with it.