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Station Independent Projects

138 Eldridge St, New York
Thurs-Sun: Noon-6PM




Melissa Stern: You're Soaking in it
Mar 03-Mar 26
Trained as an anthropologist Sterns work draws from a wide variety of artistic traditions ranging from outsider artists, Marisol, painters such as Max Beckman and Jean Michel Basquiat, to Pan-African ethnographic objects. She applies her influences with a sly sense of humor, great energy and a brilliant command of her disparate materials.

Tonal Shift
Mar 31-Apr 23
Our contemporary culture focuses exclusively on the sharp changes, a reflection of our era of broad sweeps and blaring oppositional politics. Artists: China Blue, Paul Corio, Irina Danilova, Jen Hitchings, Tony Saunders, Audrey Stone, Emma Tapley, Anita Thacher, Audra Wolowiec. Co-Curated by Katherine Daniels and Carol Salmanson